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Do you know ORCID? I applied for my ORCID-ID already several years ago, but only yesterday I understood the advantage of yet another web presence: ORCID is a non-profit organization and aims to identify researchers uniquely and to connect their contributions and affiliations across disciplines, borders, and time. With this post, I will tell you some advantages of ORCID to convince you to join.


This post demonstrates how to present slideshows with the Xaringan package. I explain how to integrate slideshows with Xaringan into blogdown via internal and external links.


After almost one year of interruption I started using blogdown again and was confronted with a serie of problems. In this post I will report on my Odyssean experience and — more important — I will suggest guidelines how to start, explore and use themes in blogdown. Skip the Odyssean part and start immediately with the resulting guidelines.


Disqus is a very popular service for hosting and managing comments. But it has as an external service several disadvantages which are the philosophy of static websites opposed diametrically. I discuss some alternatives for integrating discussion fora with static websites.


This post explains how to integrate Disqus as a discussion forum for your website. It is not a thing you can do directly applying the Hugo documentation because there is a faulty template to change.


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In this paper, we will present some ideas on how informal learning could be communicated.
In: L. Rodríguez Sieweke (Ed.), Learning scenarios for social and cultural change: Bildung through academic teaching, Peter Lang Edition, pp. 45–57, 2017

I will outline three prototypical modes of teaching and learning and their consequences for the design of eLearning environments. I distinguish between transfer of knowledge (mode I), acquisition of knowledge (mode II) and construction of knowledge (mode III).
In: M. E. Auer & U. Auer (Eds.). Villach: Kassel University Press., 2004


In this section I will offer a list of slideshows.



Most of my 36 Prezis are in German. They are all public, downloadabe and copyable.

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